Mission Statement

Bandon Showcase is dedicated to bringing professionally presented music to the community and providing outreach opportunities for youth.


 2018/2019 Board of Governors

Chair: MaryAnn Soukup

Treasurer: Chelsea Schoeppner

Selection & Scheduling: Candace Kreitlow

Publicity: Amy Moss-Strong

Hospitality: Jacquie Segersten

Secretary & Cultural Liaison: Ann Patrick

Webmaster: Trish Conyers

Other Officers

Outreach Coordinator: Diane Buche

Print Designer: Anita Almich


Penny & David Allen
Dan & Anita Almich
Ed Backholm
Peggy Backholm
Joseph Bain
Katherine L. Barnett
Sven & Alice Blomquist
Wolf Daniel Braun
Don & Suzanne Broyles
Colleen Cardas
Michael & Patricia R. Carpenter
Steve & Adrienne Casey
Bill Clark
Kirk & Elizabeth Day
Stan G. Denys & Devon Matsuda
Bruce & Kittie Lou English
Mary Giddens
Jack & Wanda Hackett
Bonnie Iverson
Rich Iverson
Michael J. Kok
Phil & Trish Lehosit
The Bruce Leland Family
Jerry & Yvonne Lundholm
Robert & Marjene Macintyre
Gail McClave
Dr. Carl & Christine Moehring
Ann Patrick
James & Barbara Pitblado
Norah Roadman
Richard Robinett
Joe & Karen Sinko
MaryAnn & John Soukup
Barton & Nancy Stein
Anita & Roger Straus
Terry & Joy A.Tiffany
Esther Williams
Don & MaryKay Whitmer
Mary Woolley
Ed & Beth Wood